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 Dave Elvis Quinn | Create your badge

Hi, My name is Dave Quinn. I am a judoka. I have been playing and competing in judo since I was 8 years old. I now compete as a veteran (my god, he must be old, I hear you say). Whilst moving through my judo career I have become a judo coach and a referee and have earned the competitive grade of 5th Dan. My competitive achievements include Gold - World Masters, Gold - GBR National Masters, Gold - Hungarian Masters Open, Gold - Southern Area Championships, Gold - Kent Closed Championships plus a few more. I now have a chain of quality competition judo clubs in both, the Southern Area of England and the London Area- United Judo Clubs. Your always welcome to come and visit, as a club or alone. I am also a professional photographer and have been for over 25 years.

I have had the honour of sponsoring many judo tournaments including the Kent International Judo Championships for over 12 years, held in London, England.

If you have been given a picture number at a recent competition, all you need do is forward the picture number to Dave Quinn and a proof will be returned to you.

Over 12 years, up and coming young competitors have chosen to display the 'Top Judo T Badge' on there judo gi. When at competitions as a photographer I do my best to catch fantastic action photos of the badge wearers, our future stars. Most of the pictures I take can be seen free. You will find my photos world wide including FaceBook. If I am at large judo competitions, it is impossible to take photographs of every judoka, so I prioritise. All the judo players wearing a 'Top T' BADGE, are the first people I will look out for. If you do not wear the badge, you still may sneak into a picture, as your opponent may be wearing one. However, if you would like to be included in my continual search for the greatest judo pictures we have ever taken and have a Top Judo Photographer actively looking for you, and helping you build up a free collection of great pictures of you, that you will treasure forever, all you need do is get the Badge and stitch it on you judo kit.

Whoever you are, wherever you practice, referee, coach, officiate or just a spectator, one thing is for sure: We are all madly passionate about our great sport, the magnificent martial art 'JUDO'. When I was a youngster competing in any competition I could find, not only was it hard (it's a tough game but somebody's gotta do it) but also if I'm honest, it was lonely. I would find myself up and out of bed at all sorts of unearthly times, packing my judogi and trying to find some judo club in some town I had never heard of. After a string of buses and train's I would then find myself fighting some stranger and being cheered by absolutely nobody (mind you, my judo was so bad I wasn't to surprised). However, occasionally I would find myself producing a great judo throw or victory. Shucks, alas, nobody saw it except the referee, and my split second of supremacy and fame was lost forever, apart from my Ippon win that (after the event) only I could remember. What a waste.... Wear the 'TopT Badge' and the WORLD May See YOUR IPPON.

I wish everybody in judo the greatest of luck and try to respect everybody involved in our sport. Believe me, it's competitive through out the game and at every level. Judoka (judo players) compete on the tatami (judo mat) to get a win. Coaches compete to have the most successful club players and teach the most effective techniques. Referees compete to get high qualifications and referee high ranking tournaments. Table Officials are always looking to be in control of there given situation with the utmost efficiency. Counties compete to rain supreme. Countries compete to hold the worlds most prestigious judo events. Even the press, magazines and newspapers compete to get the story. Hold the front page, (this is were I come in) even photographers compete to get a magnificent photo that every one wants or wants to see.

As a professional photographer I have been fortunate to have taken photos of some of the worlds greatest judo champions. I have covered championships around the world including Japan, Germany, Belgium, France and Great Britain. I've been fortunate to have met many good people in judo and am always grateful that when truly in need there's always a friend in judo to help. I have also met one or two photographers that have done their utmost to stop me promoting our great sport. Feeling that I was competition, often trying to block or stop my progress. As a life long practicing judoka I know from every negative (if you work at it) comes a positive, and competition is a healthy thing. So I thank them for giving me the will to compete.

As a competitive judo photographer I want to get the most exiting judo photos ever seen. I want to discover new judo faces and great judo action. I want to promote all sizes, shapes, colour and sexes, not just the faces that sell magazines. And I want to do it well. I am inspired by great judo photographers and enjoy journals and magazines that are not bias.

If I have taken your picture and made you aware of it you may be very excited to see the results. I don't see my judo pictures as a job, I see them as a passion and hope I  will produce something that you will be proud of for many years to come and will be the subject of many stimulating judo conversations.

Many of the pictures I take of you (TopT Badge wearers and great judoka) can be seen and even ordered from my FREE Downloadable Catalogue Click Here.

Whoever you are large or small big or tall if you want me to take a picture of your judo achievements just grab me mat side and let me know. Alternately display the 'Topjudo.com' badge on your judogi. I'll gladly give you a badge when I see you next or you may order it for FREE via the Internet at TheJudoShop. Good luck in judo now and always.

"May Your Ippons Be Sweet And Neat"
Dave Quinn, Competitive 5th Dan, Coach, Referee and Judo Photographer.

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